Scotch Naturals
Eco-chic nail lacquer product launch.
Not all scotch is an acquired taste.
Hopscotch Kids
100% non-toxic nail polish.
For girly-girls who don't like smelly-smells.
L'Apothecary Sedona Nature Spa
Named one of HuffPost Travel's Top 12 Best New Spas in the US. We were asked to brand their signature spa line that draws upon the destination's rich bounty of healing botanicals, fragrant herbs and flowers.
Spa Luxe
Design refresh to give their hand cream set a more modern, high-end look.
VOLR Salon
You've got it. Now flaunt it.
A fashion line known for its delicate details.
Kyklos means circle in Greek, the designer's
Flower essences transform your mood and mind. Choose your desired vibration. Maybe it's love, joy, or inner peace.
Down to Earth Skincare
Science + Nature. The formula for beauty.
Consumer Packaging
Professional Packaging

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